Interested in hostessing a home interior party or checking into a business opportunity as a sales consultant for a home interior or home décor company? Here's what you need to know. There are many different direct sales companies that offer home décor products.

Home Interiors (TM) lists themselves as the largest direct sales companies of home accessory products in the U.S. with over 100,000 decorating consultants.

Products offered by home interior companies may include indoor and outdoor home décor products such as candles, accessories, kitchen and cooking items, candles, silk flowers, photos and paintings, shelves even furniture and bedding.

If you're interested in hostessing a party, the procedure is pretty simple. You choose the company that has the products you're most interested in and contact a local consultant. The consultant will provide you with a hostess kit that includes instructions, ideas and checklists for everything you need to do to have a successful party. You kit will also contain brochures or catalogs and information about special hostess gifts or discounts that you receive for holding a party, and additional items you can earn, which are based on the total amount of sales from your party, or the number of your guests who book their own parties, or often, it's a combination of the two.

Your consultant will also work with you and answer any questions you have and make suggestions so that your party is a success and you get the things you want.

When you get your hostess kit, the first thing you should do is spend some time going through it. Look over the hostess gifts and incentives that are available to you. Set your goals and decide on what you want. Figure out how the amount your total sales will have to be in order to reach that goal. And then create an action plan to achieve it.

The biggest single problem most hostesses run into is not inviting enough guests, or following up with them, once the invitations have been sent.

Don't let this happen to you. Make your guest list right away, and either give it to your home interior consultant, or get the invitations mailed right away. Invite everyone you know.

If you have a small house or apartment, one of the most successful types of home interior parties is often the “open house.” With this type of party, there is a set start and end time, but your guests have the freedom to come and go as best fits their busy schedules. Because you don't have a set number of guests in your home all at the same time, space, having enough chairs, even having enough room for the product displays isn't as critical. In fact, most successful hostesses say they get to enjoy the party more themselves, because their duties are lighter and they can relax more. Another advantage is that you can invite more people who will pop in and out throughout the party, something that you can't do with most other types.

Other options may be to hold a catalog party (where you pass out catalogs to people who can't make the party, or instead of holding a home interior party in your home). Catalog parties often work well in offices, teachers' lounges, at craft fairs or trade shows. If you're a member of a club or an association, don't forget to invite the other members or pass out catalogs before your party.

If you're interested in the business opportunity with a home interior party company, being a hostess and having a party is a great way to check out the company first, before making a commitment. During your party you'll be able to see the complete product line and the quality of the items offered for sale. You'll be able to take a look at how the sales consultant behaves, if she knows what she's doing (which means that she was provided adequate training) and also ask discreet questions about whether or not she enjoys what she does and likes the company. And, if at the end of your party you decide to buy a kit, you may even receive special bonuses or discounts.

Hostessing home interior parties are a great way to make your own home more beautiful, and a sanctuary for your family. Becoming a home interior sales consultant may be the right way for you to start your own business, make more money and still take care of your family.