There is no denying what a ideal mixture audio book technologies and the introduction of MP3 transportable players have develop into. You now have the selection of listening to your audio book, not just on cassette tape players, CD players, and your computer system, but also on your MP3 player. So, if you are 1 that would rather listen to your audio book on MP3 player, rather than your Computer, you now can. Under are the precise actions you have to have to take to make this doable.

Initial, you have to have to download or copy the audio book to your computer system. Second, you have to have to plug in the USB cable to each the computer system from which you want to copy the audio book and the MP3 player (all MP3 players come with this USB cable). As quickly as you plug in the USB cable to each your computer system and MP3 player, your computer system will indicate that it has discovered a new piece of hardware. If it does not indicate this, then anything is incorrect. Just unplug it and attempt once again. Third, open your Windows Media Player and open the audio book you want to copy. This will open the audio book in the most important show region of Windows Media Player.

Fourth, add the audio book to the Sync List of your Windows Media Player. Fifth, now you must click on the Sync tab on the Windows Media Player. This will bring a pull-down arrow on the left-side box of the Sync tab. Make certain you choose the selection “Removable Disk (E)” as the supply exactly where the audio book will be copied to. Sixth, you will see a show with an selection to “get started sync”. Go ahead and click on this selection. When you have accomplished this, the Windows Media Player will indicate to you that it is sending the audio book to your MP3 player as “Removable Disk (E)”. Seventh, as quickly as the sync (or copying) is full, you can confirm if it is on your MP3 player.

Lastly, make certain you click on your PC's hardware icon (situated in your program tray) to “safely take away hardware”. Do not take away the USB cable till you get the clear signal saying “protected to take away the hardware”. NOTE – not performing this just before removing the USB cable can harm your computer system and/or your MP3 player. When all of this is accomplished, you can then playback the audio book from your MP3 player. If you have followed all of the above actions you must come across the audio book playing on your MP3 player.

If even so you are applying an older version of Windows Media Player, you can nevertheless adhere to the precise actions above. The only main distinction is that rather of obtaining “sync”, you will have “copy”. You can click on it and adhere to the similar actions above to have your audio book copied to your MP3 player.