In this post these days, I will show you how to run a fantastic tennis camp and have the little ones coming back once again and once again for far more, which must be your primary objective for possessing the camp in the 1st spot.

This could be summer time or all season camp for juniors.

Attempt to hold enhancing on what is functioning for you by tweaking it at occasions and testing out new concepts, to make the camp even improved.

Right here are some crucial components, that you and your employees must consider about and concentrate on.


Greet the little ones with power and passion and inform them what you guys anticipate from them, in the course of the camp, I would just ask for absolutely everyone to have enjoyable, hold a fantastic attitude and give 100% mental work at all occasions, and that must be sufficient.

Be quick and upbeat with your message!

Dynamic Warm-ups

Do not speak also substantially in the course of the greeting.

Start off them with some inventive warm-ups drills and get them moving and their blood pumping.

Never ever use static warm-ups drills either, they have a tendency to do that right here in Japan and I really feel it causes a lot of injuries, since players never get their blood pumping properly, just before they commence drilling them really hard.

They must commence off slow and operate their way into these warm-ups.

Drills, Drills, Drills

Right after you have them warmed up, get into your drills.

If you have several courts, break the groups into three or four based on the size of your camp.

Then use the most productive drills that you can uncover or generate, to be in a position to get the most out of the camp for them.

I can inform you, your campers must be hitting 1000s and 1000s of tennis balls in the course of your drill time.

Concentrate on them obtaining the reps in and adjusting their swing.

And obtaining a really feel for every single drill that you guys introduce.


Serve up some pasta or sub- sandwiches for the little ones, but not also substantially.

Also, make campers consume with folks they never know, so they can make some new good friends at each and every camp.

The coaches must also consume with the campers and get to know them improved.

Communication is the purpose in the course of lunch time, so hold the conversations going for absolutely everyone.

Match play

Right after lunch, have a round-robin and have absolutely everyone play in it.

Youngsters want to play matches, so you have to give them what they want at every single camp.

But, also give each and every student a notebook when they arrive for the camp and make positive they record how they played immediately after each and every match.

Coaches, must also speak to them privately and give them suggestions for match play and methods for the future and also have the students give a quick summary of their matches to the coaching employees.

That is a simple outline for possessing a fantastic camp, but there are also some other factors that you want to do and they are essential.

Strategy your spending budget.

Crunch the numbers and make positive that they will operate for you.

Ask for donations from neighborhood retailers and then mention them in your flyers for the camp.

Raise as substantially income as you can locally(They will enjoy to assistance you also).

Other essential things.

Health-related Release types/Insurance coverage Waivers.

I would make them sign 1, since you have to cover your self and the firm that you represent.

Then make positive that you give protected camp!

Off Court Activities.

Go hiking and swimming if you can with them and also take them to a film or bring 1 to the camp.

In summary, have a fantastic time with the little ones.

Great luck with your camp also!