Of all the animals on this earth, only human beings preserve other animals as pets. None of the other animals preserve pets. It sounds a bit strange but it is a reality.

Human beings preserve lots of distinct sorts of pets, the most popular ones becoming dogs and cats. Other pets involve birds, guinea pigs, white mice, and rabbits. Then there are some truly weird pets that individuals preserve such as snakes and spiders.

Numerous residence owners preserve dogs to guard their homes as effectively as for firm. I suspect the former is a much more critical criterion for maintaining dogs. Dogs, becoming naturally inquisitive creatures, bark when they see some thing new or strange. They are organic early-warning devices. On the other hand, most dogs are friendly as soon as they know that a person is not a threat. So it is popular to see kids and adults playing with their dogs. Their joy is clear.

On the other hand dogs do have to have care. Normal meals, bath and grooming are critical so that they stay healthier. Otherwise, they have a tendency to turn out to be mangy and surly. We can see this in the stray dogs that we come across at times.

Cats are organic predators. So they do preserve the residence they reside in absolutely free of rats. On the other hand cats are not friendly as dogs. They typically preserve themselves except when they want some interest.

My neighbor keeps pigeons. These birds are absolutely free to fly about as the please. They only return to their pigeon holes to consume and to invest the evening. It appears straightforward maintaining pigeons, but my neighbor says it is not so. Pigeons consume a lot. So he has to invest a considerable sum of income obtaining seeds and peas for them to consume. There is yet another massive dilemma with maintaining pigeons and that is they leave their droppings all more than the location. This is undoubtedly a wellness hazard. I have described this to my neighbor but he does not look to care.

One more neighbor of mine keeps song-birds. He has a couple of magpie-robins and about half a dozen of spotted doves. These birds can truly sing. Just about every morning, their sweet singing wake me up. This is truly a pleasure. I am positive my neighbor keeps these birds for the pleasure of their songs also. But like pigeons, they consume a lot and so this neighbor has to invest a massive sum of income maintaining them. These birds are not low-priced either. They can price hundreds of dollars every single. Nonetheless, my neighbor is quite proud of his birds. It provides him pleasure and that, I suppose, is the major goal of maintaining pets.

I have noticed individuals maintaining guinea pigs, hamsters, fishes and rabbits as pets but these are not so popular. Each and every animal has its particular demands and not absolutely everyone knows how to appear just after them correctly. I have not met any individual maintaining snakes and tarantulas or other weird animals, but I have heard of them and noticed them on the tv. I wonder what pleasure they derive from these strange and risky pets. I wonder also how they appear just after them.

Anyhow I suppose every single individual has his or her won factors for maintaining pets, and as lengthy as they appear just after their pets correctly, it is all proper.